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  • Why have you changed the Peppa Pig Website?

    Some of you may have noticed the Peppa Pig website has changed. As the digital landscape changes daily, children are using websites less and less, and moving more towards apps. To ensure we are in-line with these changes and trends, we have rebuilt the site specifically for Grown-Ups. A place where you can get the latest news, find out about upcoming Peppa Pig events and download activities to keep your little ones busy.

  • Where have some of the old games and videos gone?

    In order to provide the best experience on the Peppa Pig website we’ve had to remove some content. However, you can still view some of the videos by visiting our YouTube channel or playing Peppa games across our app catalogue, more information of which can be found on our apps section of the website.

  • Why do you need my information for the Muddy Puddles Club newsletter?

    If you are a Parent, Grandparent or Guardian and would like to receive regular emails from the Muddy Puddles Club, we will require some personal information i.e. your name and email address.

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  • What is a cookie and how is it used?

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  • How can I keep my child safe on the web?

    To help protect your children, we suggest several precautions they can take to stay safe while on the Internet. They are:

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  • Why isn’t the website working?

    There might be a small technical problem so try refreshing your web browser.

    Refreshing your web browser in Chrome
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  • I need Adobe Acrobat to download the activity sheets, how can I install Adobe Acrobat?

    Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to read and print out some activities on this website. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this. You can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader from

  • Where do I go if I can’t find an answer on this page?

    If you continue to experience technical problems please email This email address is for technical queries only and only technical queries will be responded to. 

  • Where can I find Peppa Pig Apps?

    You can find our full range of Peppa Pig apps to download from iOS, Android and Amazon app stores, published by ‘Entertainment One’ at the following links:

    Google Play:
    Amazon: One Ltd&index=mobile-apps&search-type=ss

  • I am experiencing techincal issues, what should I do?

    We are really sorry to hear you are having issues with on of our apps, and will investigate further. Please send us more information (app, device name, device model, OS, screenshot of the issue… etc.) at, as we will try to replicate the issue ourselves and will be able to resolve once we identify the problem.

  • How can I ask for a refund?

    Google Play
    If the purchase was made through Google Play, please send an email to explaining why you would like to be refunded and also include the transaction ID of the purchase. You will be able to find the transaction ID in the Google Play email confirming your purchase or alternatively at the following link:

    If the app was bought through an Apple device, you will need to contact Apple directly through this page, as we are unfortunately unable to refund purchases made on the Apple App Store ourselves:

  • I am not able to hear any sound, what should I do? (iOS specific issue)

    Check your AirPlay and volume levels
    Sometimes it’s easy to accidentally press the volume ‘down’ button or accidentally access ‘AirPlay’ mode. Try pressing the volume ‘up’ button or disable ‘AirPlay’ mode in the control panel.

    Check your device sound is not muted
    If your device has a Ring/Silent switch on its side, make sure it’s toggled to ring (if you can see an orange dot, your device is muted).

    Some newer iPads do not have the Ring/Silent switch. IF your iPad does
    Check the settings on your iPad, the sound issues could be related to the side switch Rotation Lock/Mute function:

    1. Go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch To > and make sure ‘Rotation Lock’ is enabled
    2. Toggle the side switch to ‘mute’ (the orange dot showing)
    3. Open the app. Can you hear any sound?
    4. Go back to Settings > General > Use Side Switch To > and select ‘Mute’
    5. Toggle the side switch to ‘Ring’ (orange dot not showing)
    6. Open the app again. Can you hear any sound?
    7. Lastly, try Settings > General > Use Side Switch To > and switch it back to select ‘Rotation Lock’

    *For some iOS 10.3.1 users, changing the setting from ‘Mute’ to ‘Lock Rotation’ seems to fix the sound problem.

    Close ALL apps and reboot your device
    Double tap the home button so that you can access each app that is running and slide each of them up to close them.
    Press and hold the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ button down together until the device screen goes black. This takes a short while then the Apple logo appears, which means your phone is rebooting.

    Some 10.3.1 users on newer devices have the soft mute ON in their Control Bar
    Slide the control bar up from the bottom of the device; some users on 10.3.1 and newer devices have the ‘Bell’ symbol for mute. Switch it to OFF.

    If these steps don’t resolve your issue, please contact us at

    Family Sharing

    Peppa Pig Premium apps are all eligible for family sharing both on Google Play and iOS devices. Please check the following links for a detailed guide on how to implement family sharing on each OS.

    Google Play: iOS:


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